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Nagisa Corbett is a 25 year old self-taught artist from Miami. Currently based out of Denver- She is a seamstress/designer & illustrator/painter deriving inspiration from her studies of~ light, color, dimension, space and perception.

Tokiprism began with a passion to bring her prismatic visions to life. She lived in Tokyo for 4 years where she was heavily influenced & inspired by the culture and street wear fashion. Each piece is one of a kind with an edgy blend of traditional Japanese culture, minimalism, and collaborative designs with visual painters.

Nagisa (AKA Toki) is the stylist, photo editor, model, and strives to be involved in all parts of the brand and develop its overall aesthetic. Each garment is designed & carefully handmade/sewn by Toki with love <3  

Her continuing goal is to reduce our negative impact on the environment and increase sustainability in all areas of this brand. She uses 100% organic materials and up-cycled & second-hand materials. 

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