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one of my favorite songs atm! :3


This is one of my favorite paintings I have ever done. I fantasized a lot about how the world is shifting as it evolves with humankind. Like living in a world that is fantastical & futuristic. I imagined my characters going on adventures that took them sprawling through cities filled with neon lights and towering skyscrapers, as well as enchanted forests where the trees glimmered with an otherworldly light.
The next painting I am currently working on will be the landscape continuation of this painting...<3
As my imagination roams free.. I do hope that nature never looses its way. I am working on a clothing project with my friends that will honor that, & hopefully raise funds for nature/animal foundations too.

silly & cute painting I did a few months ago. I sewed in lil stars that dangle

JSRF shirt.jpg
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